About Us

AADHAAR- An Association for Development, Harmony and Action Research came into a formal existence on Jan 29th, 2011 as a nationally registered not for profit organization. Realizing that only strong models of community engagement could bring necessary changes at the grassroots and can be point of references for policy advocacy, a group of likeminded, development professionals got together and after much discussion and deliberations, AADHAAR came into being.

AADHAAR believes that the most important resource that one can share with rural masses is ones time and presence. This belief led AADHAAR to remote districts of Uttarakhand, (Dist. Tehri) where AADHAAR has started its first field implementation office and Dist. Solan in Himachal Pradesh where AADHAAR is working primarily with the government.

Taking into account the capacities, experiences and skill sets of its governing board members and the expressed needs of civil society in these hill states, AADHAAR has established itself as a support organisation to strengthen the voice of the civil society by providing support services to other organisations in these states and beyond.

Registration Status:

AADHAAR- An Association for Development, Harmony and Action Research is a nationally registered Non Government Organisation, registered under the Societies Act, 1860 (Registration No.- S/ RS/ SW/ 0214/ 2011). AADHAAR is also registered under 12 A and 80(G) of the Income Tax Act.

Our Vision:

AADHAAR envisions an empowered, informed and just society

Why We Exist:

The overarching mission of AADHAAR is to support and strengthen grassroots action and civil society; to advocate and promote policies and institutions for sustainable development and inclusion of the marginalised.