Education Initiative in Gram Panchayat Muneth, Block Hindolakhal, Dist Tehri Garhwal

With the support of National Hydro Power Corporation (NHPC), Bharpur Unit (Dist. Tehri Garhwal), AADHAAR initiated a yearlong pilot project on education for students attending Middle school and above in and around Gram Panchayat Muneth. The project aimed to provide guidance and coaching to children who are in need of such support.

Under the project, classes were organised for the following subjects- English, Maths and Science. These classes were organised in the morning and evenings on the campus of the Primary School in Gram Panchayat Muneth. Two qualified local teachers (one male and one female) were engaged under the project. In total, 87 students from 7 villages (3 Gram Panchayats) attended the classes.
The project was well received both by the community as well as the Gram Panchayat. As per the parents of the children attending these classes ‘this kind of guidance support is not available to children at home and also, most of the parents will not be able to afford the costs involved.’ It is therefore an important and much needed support to school and college going children.

The outcome of the project shows in the grades /marks attained by the students. There has been a 100 percent pass percentage among the students who attended the classes.

Post Disaster Reconstruction Initiative- Dist Rudraprayag

In the aftermath of the June 2013 natural disaster in Uttarakhand, AADHAAR joined hands with Empathy Foundation, Mumbai to assist in the reconstruction and rebuilding work in the state. Two Government Inter Colleges (GICs) have been identified in District Rudraprayag namely GIC Paldwadi and Narayankoti (Block Ukimath) where reconstruction work has been underway since Sep 2014. Both the GIC were affected in the June 2013 natural disaster including two students of GIC Narayankoti who perished in the disaster that struck the Kedarnath Valley.


Empathy Foundation, Munbai and AADHAAR have entered into an MoU with the Education Dept in the district to rebuild 4 classroom in each of the GIC besides separate toilet complexes for both Girls and boys. There are a total of 99  ( Girls-51; Boys48) and167 (Girls- 73; Boys94) students in GIC Paldwadi and Narayankoti.

The work is likely to be completed by mid march 2015 when the new building complexes would be handed over to the District Administration.

Building Resilience in Urban Areas of Uttarakhand

AADHAAR in collaboration with Owners Driven Reconstruction Collaborative (ODRC) has recently started a pilot initiative in the city of Karnaprayag aimed at improving disaster resilience of hill town.
The initiative is being supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation since June 2013 disaster and currently, Phase II of the project is underway. One of the key learnings of Phase I of the project is the need for planning in the urban areas.  Widespread unplanned development and construction in the hill towns is one of the key factors in increasing vulnerabilities of the hill cities.
Based on the learnings of Phase I of the project, one of the key initiatives identified for Phase II include assisting the Karnaprayag Municipality in drafting building byelaws. In order to spread awareness among the community on disaster resilient building construction practices using local technology and material, a technology park has been proposed in Karnaprayag city with the support of the Municipality and the District Administration.adhr4 One Primary School (Gram Panchayat Paduli) which was damaged in the June 2013 natural disaster has been identified for retrofitting.

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