Environment & Disaster Management  

Environment and water governance is the need of the hour for human existence, a concern also reflected in the millennium development goals. Conflict between community, local government and industry on environmental issues are on the rise due to a variety of reasons which include dislocation of locals, over exploitation of natural resources, environmental pollution, loss of indigenous employment-Agriculture, conflicting role and ambiguity among different institutions responsible for ensuring environmental governance and conservation and management of natural resources. AADHAAR believes that environmental degradation and social injustice” go hand in hand. In order to have sustainable, balanced development, it is important that all the stakeholders are informed and given space to participate in the development process. Efforts would need to be made to engage and involve various stakeholders for seeking mutually agreeable solutions (as opposed to confrontational approach).

AADHAAR Work Involves:

  • Simplification of technical laws, policies and procedures for informed participation of workers and the local community- in articulating their needs and demands and use of available constitutional and legal space.
  • Enhancing capacities of local governments, civil society and community on environmental and climate change issues and their roles and responsibilities in order to work towards improved policies and practices.
  • Creating platforms for multiple stakeholders for mutual understanding, cooperation and participation.
  • Enabling the community to participate in environmental degradation, climate issues and dialogue with industry, environmental regulatory authorities and local governments.
  • Water shed planning, spring shed management and preparation of detail project reports and awareness on Water Conservation and Management
  • Promoting Climate resilience sustainable agriculture practices
  • Hygiene and Sanitation education, training and campaign
  • Disaster mitigation planning and awareness generation.


Environment Protection and Water Conservation with the involvement of the Community”, AADHAAR undertake following activities in Block, Devprayag, Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand

  1. a) Community Mobilisation :

Series of meetings organised with the community on water conservation and its application on agriculture production.

  1. b) Agriculture-Horticulture Promotion and Animal Production:

Gram Panchayat-Mahar was adopted by the Horticulture department as Horticulture cluster under its scheme KV. Similarly Gram Panchayat-Kimkhola is became traditional agriculture cluster under the agriculture department schemes through the mobilisation efforts of AADHAAR.

Trainings/Capacity building of Farmers in 2018-19

The training camp was organized in gram Panchayat-Mahar on weed and pest management on 24/09/2018. This camp was jointly organised by the ATMA project of the agriculture department and the project. During the camp, information on bio pest control and weed management was shared by the AAO- Agriculture. Project agriculture experts shared the process of making bio pest control liquid(Amrit ghol) and methods of its spray. The camp was chaired by the chairperson, Kshetriya Panchayat. During the camp veterinary extension officer also shared about the vaccination schedule in cattle and artificial insemination.  During the camp, sickle (Darati) and garden hoe (Kudal)were distributed among 34 and 37 farmers respectively by the ATMA project.

A one-day training was organised on medicinal and aromatic plant production at village Kandi on 02/12/2018. Sixty-nine (19 male & 50 women) farmers had participated in the training programme.  

Information on- how to control paste in medicinal plants as well as in traditional crops was shared by the ADO-Agriculture, Mr. Brijbushan while BTM- ATMA project shared about the details of ATMA project. Mr. Dheeraj Singh Rana, a herbal expert and a progressive farmer from the nearby village, shared about the production of rose, aloe vera and other medicinal plants. He also showed the processed products of the aloe vera and rose water.

Agriculture Tools, Horticulture plans like Mango, Pomegranate and vermi compost pits were distributed to the farmers of both the panchayat.

Organic Certification

With the efforts of the AADHAAR, all necessary documentation has been started for organic certification by the organic board for 80 farmers in villages- Mahar, Pali and Jagthi.

By the liaison efforts of AADHAAR, 28 farmers (14-Mahar & 14 -Kimkhola) of the area were selected by the Department of Horticulture under their scheme- “double the income of farmers”.

-70 grams seed of capsicum was also procured from the horticulture department under their scheme for 7 nali’s of land in 7 farmers fields. A nursery was raised for capsicum plants which further distributed among the farmers for the kitchen garden. Agriculture equipment-drip irrigation system and sprinklers were introduced in the area

-Plans were also submitted for improving agriculture production and animal husbandry by the mini cooperative-Amni for the intervening villages under the National Cooperative Development Corporation scheme.

To collect the rainwater at fields to percolate down it to main the soil moistures, farmers were motivated to dig narrow furrow near the sidewall of the agricultural terraces.

Leveraging National Rural Livelihood Mission ( N.R.L.M

Six groups were formed under N.R.L.M in villages- Mahar and Jagthi. These groups have started their saving and opened their bank accounts. The Government had deposited Rs 1500/group for stationery and Rs 10,000/group as a revolving funds in the group’s accounts.



S.NO. Name of the N.R.L.M. Group No. of Members Village Money for Group’s stationary Money received for Revolving fund by the group
1 Nanda Devi 07 Mahar 1500/- 10,000/-
2 Shiv Shankar 06 Mahar 1500/- 10,000/-
3 Rajrajeshwari 06 Mahar 1500/- 10,000/-
4 Both Naagraja 07 Jagthi 1500/- 10,000/-
5 Suraj 07 Jagthi 1500/- 10,000/-
6 Santoshi Mata 07 Mahar 1500/- 10,000/-
Total 40   9,000/- 60,000/-

Environment Day Celebration

On the occasion of environment Day (5 June 2018), a small event was organised at Village Mahar, to aware community about the preservation and conservation of the rain water and the old water bodies. To mark the occasion plants were also planted by the participants.